intelligent features

Text, speak, snap

Vision AI

Take of picture of your doc or surroundings and ask Chatleh based off your picture.

Both Audio & Text Inputs

Speak to the bot and save time typing the full message out whether conversing in groups or asking questions

Use privately or in group chats

Use Chatleh in your group chats to get objective answers for contentious topics conveniently.

Telegram Integration

Integrates straight into Telegram Web, Desktop, and Mobile App.

User Feedback

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Chatleh has generated over millions of words and increased productivity greatly

  • Chatleh has helped me write emails at work (I’m Chinese educated) and my manager was impressed by my writing.

  • The snap feature is useful when I take my children out for excursion to the Zoo and have it answer questions about the surroundings.

  • Chatleh has successfully settled lengthy debates between me and my wife with its quick answers.

Use Cases

Life hacks

What Chatleh solves for you


Frequently asked questions

We use the latest AI models including GPT-4, GPT-4 Vision, Whisper AI to take advantage of the best capabilities we have today.

Yes, you may ask questions in your desired language and Chatleh will reply you in the same language accordingly. For audio speech, you can you speak to it in your desired language and Chatleh will convert it into English.

Yes, Chatleh is integrated natively into Telegram, which comes in Web App, Desktop Top or Mobile App for both iPhone and Android.

Tag @Chatleh in group chats with the bot added to the group with admin privileges to trigger the bot to reply to the messages. More instructions available in the web app after you sign in.