Introducing AI Counsellor & Life Coach

Hi all, just want to introduce AI Counsellor & Life Coach. Sometimes life is hard and you just want someone to hear your troubles and give you some friendly advice. In a traditional world, you will speak to an expert, a mentor or a counsellor. Sometimes these are just not available easily because of reasons. In today’s world we have AI, AI girlfriends and now our AI Counsellor. Surely, an AI Counsellor is not a perfect substitute for a real person, but at times its better than nothing.

It’s powered by the GPT-o model, which is one of the leading model right now. So its pretty updated and advanced to answer most questions you throw at it. Although we market and tuned the AI bot to be of a AI Counsellor & Life Coach, it too can answer other complex question, just like any other advanced AI model.

This AI is programmed to have memory of your conversation so it is able to answer you with past context of your interactions

We know you are concerned about privacy. You can clear past message history by typing /clear in the Telegram chat and all messages will be deleted.

If you shall decide to use this actively for the long term, there is a small reasonable fee associated with it, to cover the cost of running the hosting and AI inference.

Start by joining our Telegram channel and clicking through it.

Let us know what you think of this and how it can be improved at